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Help us help them.

Every single day we receive hundreds of pleas of dogs and cats who are at-risk of euthanasia - those precious animals who have so much life and love to offer but are overlooked, left behind and forgotten by potential adopters and other rescue organizations simply because they have a limp, patches of missing hair or some other fixable medical condition. We have the ability to go to the doctor if we have a cough and yet these babies are facing death instead. It's just not fair and it's just not right.

Our #MARSCommunity has heard these pleas, have looked into the eyes of these babies and know that it is the right thing to do to reach out however and whenever we order to help them, it takes money. Money to purchase medicines, vaccines, an orthopedic surgeon's time for surgical repair, etc. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can save their lives and help them find their #MARSRoadHome.

A single drop of water may seem insignificant and small, however, when single drops bind together, oceans are created. So also does every single dollar matter.